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UCLA Graduate Deliver’s An Important Message To All Black Graduates



Juliet Doris is an African American mother of three and a Master of Social Welfare Candidate for 2015. This year the participants and fellow candidates for the University of California at Los Angeles graduation ceremony were witnesses to a success story of a phenomenal woman. Juliet’s story proceeds far beyond the usual suit of overcoming unquestionable obstacles and making something of herself. Doris didn’t tell a sob story of how she started from the bottom, she told a story of encouragement and uplifting for anyone who had struggles to overcome.

In a very powerful and memorable speech, the UCLA alumni discussed her passion for believing in herself and her fellow black graduates, why black graduates matter, and her future plans. She talks about being labeled in the systematic education institute as a “welfare queen” and how she refuses to ever be the statistic that most of our people are categorized as. Drawing attention to the racial flaws of our society, Doris made it known that black lives matter and the importance of our excellence being publicized.

“I know that I am not the 1stnor will I be the last; however, I do want my young sister’s to know that with God, hard work, and dedication, they can find their way out!” – Juliet Doris, Master of Social Welfare ’15

Watch the heartfelt speech below. #PYNKGirlApproved

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