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Urban Hydration Naturals Sets the Tone for Lifestyle Brands

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Psyche Terry, CEO & Founder of Frisco based UI Global Brands is a trailblazer in the retail industry previously having a plus size intimate apparel and beauty company sold in 5000+ stores across the country including Macys, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Ross, Target and Sally Beauty.

With that kind of success, Terry looks to develop Urban Hydration Naturals as the go to lifestyle brand for consumers who desire healthy products and value. Below, she shares with ThinkPynk how she has managed to be so successful and what’s on the horizon.

What is the mission of Urban Hydration and why is it important to you as a woman of color?

At Urban Hydration, we believe in natural beauty. We create products that add value. We know we’ve done our job in creating the best product we possibly can when we have made a person feel more confident and more in love with their natural beauty. As a darker completed woman of color, I grew up being a little girl who did not understand how much love I deserved. I had very low self-esteem and very few people helping me appreciate my skin, hair, hips and lips. Urban Hydration’s message, product, and existence is to help encourage and promote natural beauty with natural products. This is important to me as a woman of color.

What in your 20’s attributed to you being as successful as you are today?

In my 20’s I was daring and willing to take risks. I didn’t sit back and let life or opportunities happen. If I had to move across the country for a possible come up – I was there. If I had to invest my own money, time, or talent to see a reward later – I was in. I loved my 20’s.

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How have you been able to establish UH as an emerging lifestyle brand?

Urban Hydration just added home cleaning products to its mix of natural hair and skin care. We have essentially created a lifestyle brand solely based around me and my friends’ livelihood. We need natural products so that we know we are protected from harmful chemicals on our skin, in our hair and in our homes, clothes and dishes. I’ve taken that need and expanded my product offering to respond. We’ve created all natural fruit and plant based options that smell great and work great on all hair types, all skin types and all nearly all surface and fabric types.

How do you incorporate a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis? What does a completely healthy lifestyle mean to you?

I’ve always been a fan of fitness. I’m an avid fitness trainer, dancer, and healthy clean eater. When I put my mind to it last year I uprooted my college and new mom habits of eating and lost 40 pounds. It changed my entire look on life. I then realized how much I even more loved eating clean and working out. I do enjoy a slice of pizza every now and again and it seems like with 3 kids ages 2, 4, and 6, I’m dodging cupcakes every weekend. But I do my best to practice a completely healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit. I keep negativity, things I’m allergic to and things that won’t promote growth out of my life.

What is your favorite UH product and why? Tell us about the meaning of #NatureUnitesUs.

I am Absolutely in love with my hair care line.

Urban Hydration hair care is lovely on my extensions, my baby girl’s and boys’ hair and on my husband’s beard. I shave with the conditioner and our grandparent washes her hair with it and gets all sorts of praises at bridge. I love that people from all walks of life can afford it and that it is healthy for them to use. When women and men from mixed homes or men and women create a mixed race relationship it can be awkward knowing that you have two totally different hair care regiments. Our hair care allows any hair type to use it and love it. That is our meaning behind #Natureunitesus, anyone, everyone can benefit from our value.

What are some of the challenges in having a food/plant based brand that delivers quality products?

One of the biggest issues about plant based/food based products are prices on commodities. We use real food and real extracts and real vitamins. If a crop goes bad it could affect our ability to provide. We’ve had some interesting things happen that can be expected due to our products being almost all natural but we hold the utmost honor in handling and care and quality of our products.

Why is philanthropy so important to you and your brand?

Philanthropy is huge for us because we are millennials that believe the more you give, the more you receive. We believe that helping people not only changes them but it changes you. We are always invigorated and brought even closer as a family team every time we do something good for someone else. It’s just natural.

What is next for UH?

Urban Hydration will continue to stay and play in the Naturals category. You may find snacks, foods, accessories that are all natural and all supporting our natural mission to increase confidence and self-esteem.

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