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#ThinkPynk: Valentine’s Day Cocktail Drinks For You and Yours!

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Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash

Valentine’s day is around the corner and to get the romantic holiday underway we’ve selected 3 drinks that Pynk girls would love to take the edge off of a romantic night. Whether you are putting together a holiday party at work or drinks for two, we got you covered. From rum to gin, our list of cocktail drinks will get you where you need to be to enjoy this time where love is in the air! Two things you absolutely must have to make these drinks is a blender and a cocktail shaker, let the mixing begin.


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Between the Sheets

Our first drink is the Between the Sheets. This drink has rum, brandy, and Cointreau, a citrus orange flavor drink. You will need to use:

1 ¼  measurement of brandy

½    measurement of Cointreau

¾    measurement of lemon juice

1     measure of white rum

Of course, we want to have our cocktail shaker handy and a cup of ice for those of us who like our drinks chilled. Pour measurements into the shaker and shake until frost appears. Serve with a thin layer of an orange peel to add aesthetic!


Strawberry Margaritas

Who doesn’t love a margarita let alone a strawberry margarita? A twist Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.29.42 PMof red strawberries will set the mood for a pleasure-seeking night. For this drink you’ll need:

1 measurement of strawberry lacquer (adds red to your normal margarita)

1 measurement of lime juice,

2 measurements of silver tequila

¼  agave nectar to add sweetness.

Shake all of your ingredients into your cocktail shaker with ice and drain into a cute glass. Garnish with a strawberry or a lime wedge.


Passion Fruit Colada 

Pynk is always here to take it to another level so we decided to switch it up when it comes to the original pina colada. Instead of using a pineapple, you’ll need to get a passionfruit! Don’t worry, we’ll still get the same delicious results. You will need:

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1/2 of coconut

2 cups of ice

3 measurements of rum

1 cup of passion fruit juice

For this drink, you will need to blend all of the ingredients together for a smooth consistency. This mouth-filling drink will get everyone turned with refreshing aromas of passion fruit. Serve this drink with garnishes to add to the presentation!


For the imaginative bartender, these drinks will set the tone for the season. These cocktails will add the spice to your night that’ll be unforgettable. Now that you have these recipes what will you be making for your special day? Comment below and share!


Photo credit from Unsplash Jez Timms ,Brooke Lark, and Joanna Kosinska

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