Vh1 Original Movie The Breaks, Breaks Hearts?



The highly buzzed about original Vh1 movie #TheBreaks aired this past Monday and with rave reviews the suspense was at an all time high. The movie set to give a glimpse into the world of hip hop in the summer of 1990 may have upset quit a few hip hop fans rather than give them a flashback into the world they wish still exist.

The movie followed the lives of three friends who navigate there way through life after college while trying to break into the music industry with nothing but hip hop on the brain. Nikki Jones (played by Afton Williamson) is a recent graduate who turned down a Harvard scholarship to follow her passion and love for hip hop. Nikki’s boyfriend, David Aaron ( played by David Call) is the son of a legendary record executive who gives up his job at a popular radio station who didn’t agree with his vision of hip hop being the voice of the people. DeeVee, a college drop out (played by Mack Wilds) is an aspiring producer who is looking for the right MC to take his sound to the next level.

With all the key components that made for a great storyline and ode to hip hop during such a pivotal era, Vh1 failed to deliver. From the soft hitting original music highlighted in the movie, to the slow development of characters, to the the false realization of hip hop during that era, to the pop corn glitz and glamour of a culture that was meant to be gritty, and the unfinished ending that left everyone watching wondering what’s next, is exactly what has viewers suggesting that Vh1 should stick to reality shows.

But, this is not to say that the movie in its entirety was a fail. The movie did highlight the fact that breaking into the industry is harder than what some imagine. It’s all about paying your dues and making sure that you don’t fade into the background while doing so. It also did highlight the fact that hip hop is placed on the shoulders of those who contribute and if you wish to do so you have to be more than just a fan.

Therefore, overall the movie as a whole had its flaws and flopped on being the original movie that would highlight hip hop in the 1990s but even still it did have a few great moments. So out of 5 stars I would have to give it 2.


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