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Want Flawless Skin? Oil Maybe What You’re Missing says Garner’s Garden.

Model, Ebonie Ward's skin is flawless.
You too can have a flawless complexion like our Model, Ebonie Ward

Every woman strives to have beautiful clear skin but chances are many of us don’t have the type of flawless glowy skin that our Model, Atlanta-Based Brand Manger, Ebonie Ward has but this can change if you are serious about your skincare regiment and pay attention to the ingredients that are in the products you are using.  Personally if you have sensitive skin like mine which is a book in itself dermatologists recommend to stay away from using a lot of products that contain chemicals. With all the cancer scares and diseases caused from certain chemicals I believe its a little safer and much more calming to invest in natural vegan and plant based skin care products.


Many women who wear make up often say that some foundations & powders irritate their skin- causing breakouts.  Celebrity Aestheticism, Cassandra Streater-Morrow told us that “sometimes women can become allergic to the ingredients and preservatives within the products causing breakout,” shared Morrow. ” A lot of ingredients were removed from make-up products because of FDA regulations.  These were specific preservatives that counteracted with other ingredients to make your skin less prone to breakouts and acne.  Also what happens is that people reacts to chemicals within the product creating pimples, dark-spots and uneven skin.  If you add moments of stress and weather changes then you’re probably going to also  experience some breakouts or skin sensitivity.”  There are endless suggestions and routines that I personally have tried but what is working for me now is the plant based skin care routine from Garner’s Garden and I discovered that what I was missing was oil.  I know it sounds strange but its true.  See what I found out from  Garner’s Garden Creator, Philip Garner.


Model, Ebonie Ward's skin is flawless.

Model, Ebonie Ward’s skin is flawless.

The question always comes up when people are looking for an alternative to their normal skincare routine, should I be using oil on my skin? The next question asked is, won’t oil clog my pores? Another common phrase from people is that I have oily skin, won’t this make my skin worse?  Based on these common responses, there seems to be a huge misunderstanding of what natural oils can do for your skin.

Repeat after me, “oil is my friend and I will NOT be scared of it!” I always like to use the analogy of mud that you see outside. Notice when the mud is wet, it is nice and smooth. Compare that to your skin – when you keep your skin nice and moisturized with the correct ingredients such as natural oils, your skin will remain smooth and crack free. But what happens when mud dries out? It turns into dry, cracked earth and/or dust. This is exactly the same thing that occurs to our skin, wrinkles start to form and your skin starts to age to the point where you now look older than you actually are. It is very simple, we MUST keep our skin clean and hydrated in order to combat against the signs of aging.



Applying oil to your skin will clog your pores and cause acne, right? In some instances, yes. Therefore you have to be very cognizant of the types of oils you apply to your face. One way of understanding which oils are safe for your skin is to evaluate the comedogenic rating of the oils that you are considering on using on your skin. The definition of comedogenic is, “tending to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin.” In my opinion, has the most complete list of oils for you to consider when determining if a certain oil is right for your skin.  If you are the type of person that is totally terrified of using natural oils on your skin, then I would highly suggest choosing an oil with a rating of zero (0).


Now let’s get down to the main question that is most frequently asked, “I have oily skin already, won’t using oil on my skin make it more oily?” The answer is, no. Well, the answer is no if you use the correct oils on your skin that match well with the natural oils that your body already creates. This is where you as a consumer have to be very vigilant in which types of oils you apply to your skin.  Garner’s Garden has a developed a natural oil that will assist in “Normalizing” the production of oil that your body naturally creates. In simple terms, by applying Garner’s Garden Normalizing Face Oil, Vitamin C Facial Serum, and their Antibacterial Facial Cleanser, your body will automatically react in a positive way to the oils that are used in these products.

These products will effectively trick your body into believing that your skin already has enough oil and will no longer think that it has to create an excessive amount of oil – basically, your skin is currently overproducing oil, because it is not receiving the correct amount of oil that your skin needs to function properly. In little words as possible, your skin/body is out of line and going buzzirk.  Once you start applying the right oils to your face, you skin will start to normalize and become even, which in turn will normalize the production of oil that your body thinks it has to create. This goes both ways, whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin, your skin will normalize and become almost near perfect. You will notice that you no longer want (not need) to wear makeup, because your skin looks so healthy in its natural state.  I have found that Garner’s Garden has the most complete and well thought out products for those of us that are considering on using oil as a daily moisturizer. The products that I personally use and have benefitted the most from are:

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All Ebonie Ward pictures courtesy of Ebonie Ward.

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