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#WCW: 5 Ways To Be a Boss Like Miss Diddy


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Happy birthday to a goal-digging Leo queen, and original PYNK Girl; Miss Diddy LA. Much like her alias’ reputation, and similar to Sean Combs, Miss Diddy is an ultimate hustler and one of the hardest-working, self-established females to have graced the entertainment industry. Amongst the many accolades listed on her credentials, Miss Diddy is the business owner of The Brand Group LA and business partner to founder and PYNK Magazine boss lady, Mecca Moore.

Pretty, powerful and provocative ladies stick together, which is why we are celebrating an inspiring woman like Diddy. As a successful entrepreneur, Miss Diddy is constantly redefining herself as a career woman and a major influencer in her field. Fearlessly breaking down barriers and creating her own lane of business endeavors, the culture connoisseur has made a name for herself in the male dominant industry―while remaining humble, classy, and full of passion. Today, we celebrate you, Miss Diddy―an insightful woman who has shaped her own destiny and continues to be a positive role model in the female community. Continue reading for our 5 ways to be a boss like Miss Diddy.

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Have an idea and capitalize

She started The Brand Group LA with an idea and a dream, and now her company is supported by industry veterans across the country.

Look the part

Not only is Miss Diddy an ultimate hustler, but she has impeccable style. Whether she is dressing for a business meeting or an after party, she always slays.

Become a social media genius

In this new world where the Internet runs our society, it’s important to be tech savvy and keep a consistent image on the social stratosphere. Miss Diddy is very well-known across the web.

Work 24/7

There’s nothing that leads to success like work ethic. If she has to, Diddy does over time on the late nights and the weekends. Working for yourself means no days off, so remember that you have to do the time to reap the benefits of entrepreneurism.

Be professional

Miss Diddy may be around all the excitement of celebrity parties and events, but when it’s time to talk business―the briefcase and notepad comes out.



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