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#WCW: Sakoyah ‘King Koy’ Simmons

King koy


Now of days it seems like everyone is fighting to be at the top go their game in their respective fields but, it takes a real boss and entrepreneur to expand on their brand and solidify themselves as a King in this world. And when I say king I am not referring to the highest power a male can obtain I am referring to the king HERSELF, King Koy.

The jersey native has solidified herself in the money making business of being a hair distributor but she has since expanded on her brand and now has her hand in every facet of life. From hair to starting her own non- profit organization focused on helping mold young girls into smart and beautiful women who won’t settle for being a worker but a BOSS.

With 10 years experience as a licensed cosmetologist she has spent these years building her brand and creating ‘King Piece Hair’. The Female King, as she calls herself, has gained the attention of many via her social media platforms due to her unique reference of being a female version of a king. But her definition of a Female King stems way past a women in a leadership role. She believes,  “A female king is a little girl with dreams; who becomes a woman with a vision,” she says “as a female king, you know who you are and you are not afraid to show your genuine self.”

As a Jersey native who embraces the place that built her and her empire she credits her home, Jersey City for making her the beast she is today. She has no plans on slowing down any time soon and in fact she believes she is just getting started.

Sakoyah firmly believes, ” “everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Therefore, despite her many challenges growing up in the heart of the ghetto in Jersey City she has defeated all odds set against her and plans on bringing along as many young Female Kings along the way to help them stand up and fight their fears as well.

#PYNKMagazine salutes Sakoyah ‘King Koy’ Simmons. #PGOTD.

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