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#WeddingGoals: Jill Scott is Married Just When Nobody Was Looking


If you haven’t heard yet or if you were wondering if it is true, it is, our girl Jill Scott went off and got hitched last Saturday and didn’t tell a soul.  Jill has given so much of herself to us, spilling her blood, sweat, and tears into her music, that she had to keep something for herself.  Her private life has always remained rather kept behind closed doors and this time it was no different.  We had no idea about her engagement or plans to tie the knot, which she did on June 25th to Mike Dobson.  It is not known whether the wedding was at her house or a venue, but no matter where it was it was in true Jilly from Philly fashion.  DJ Mars was in attendance and was secretly asked to DJ the celebratory event.  Big Daddy Kane also surprised Jill and the guests.  Congrats Jill and Mike!  Hopefully we can find out more about this mystery man that stole the heart of the 44-year-old Woman singer later.

















“For when I see him at the end of the isle
With that true heart and that real smile
Intentions pure
A love that will endure
I just wanna be prepared
I, I’m gettin’ myself together
For what’s comin’ to me comin’ to me yeah
I just wanna be prepared hmm
I just wanna be prepared” 

Jill Scott and she was Prepared from Woman


Photo Credit(s): gossiponthis, straightfromthea, jadeafrican, missxpose


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