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#WhatMissterrayKnows – Top 5 Signs She’s NOT A Team Player


Ladies some of you only want the best things in life, including a fabulous circle of girlfriends. Unfortunately on your quest for a drama free good time you always have one GDI (god-damn individual) who isn’t a team player. That one girlfriend who is on her own mission! Here’s my top 5 signs that your homegirl is NOT  a team player:

#5 In the group selfie, she filters herself leaving you looking out of focus and has the nerve to tag you in it showing how much better she looks than you!

#4 You’re her personal photographer ALL NIGHT LONG! Why you snapping pics of her going inside the club like you not there either?

#3 She’s all over your homeboy thats your “brother” today but could be your man tomorrow

#2 She always has a drink from another table, never offering you one

#1 She will leave the club the first opportunity she gets, not telling you but texting you while you sitting there waiting to see who gonna pay for valet


JUST A FYI — The views and opinions expressed on #WhatMissterrayKnows are soley those of the original author MissterRAY. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of PYNK Magazine, the staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.


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