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#WhatMissterrayKnows – Top 6 Things Ladies Should Do Before Sex


Top 6 Things Ladies Should Do Before Sex:

#6 Make sure it’s parking available, the longer he has to ride around looking for a parking space and checking the signs, the less his mind is on blowing your back out!

#5 Make sure you have his favorite snacks and drink on hand so that he stays the whole night and had no excuse to leave

#4 Have the current and previous tv channels set on ESPN and MTV Jams so soon as he cuts the tv on, that will help the transition and awkward conversation of “who is sleeping in the wet spot”

#3 Ladies, make sure the grass is cut and ALL weeds have been snatched!

#2 Pull the bed up from against the wall so the headboard can knock, make him feel like he’s really the king of the jungle! It’s all about ambiance!

#1 Most important, ladies make sure your Ikea body mirror and bathroom mirror are clean, y’all know y’all love a BAE JUST LEFT picture!


JUST A FYI — The views and opinions expressed on #WhatMissterrayKnows are soley those of the original author MissterRAY. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of PYNK Magazine, the staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

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