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#PYNKInspiration: What’s On Your Mind?


Sometimes life gets overwhelming. The demands of your daily responsibilities can leave you feeling drained and scattered but your mindset can make or break you. Recently, a friend of mine signed up for some acting classes. Her coach prepared an exercise teaching the class how to cry. The  exercise was to think about something that made them sad or remember a painful experience. This acting coach definitely knew the secret. It was all in the mind!

The coach knew if they put enough thought on those past events it would affect them emotionally; causing them to cry. Do you ponder on things that leave you worried? Or are you meditating on the things that uplift and inspire you? What you think about has power over you and your situation. Philippians 4:8 tells us we should think on these things, whatever is true, just, pure and lovely. Whatever is admirable and whatever is praiseworthy. You should think on these things and you will find peace and new strength. God promised to keep you in perfect peace if you keep your mind on him and God is found in every positive thought.


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