Who is Silas the Stylist? Get to know the Ink Paper Scissors Star!


BET’s new hit reality show, Ink Paper, Scissors has everyone talking and tweeting.  Who is this new Atlanta cast filled with beautiful people with dynamic and crazy personalities? Are they about to dethrone, “Love and Hip Hop?” Who in the world is Silas the Stylist and why are we just now seeing him on our television screens, Ice Cube??? So many questions and so little time, thankfully Pynk magazine was in the mix at the Ink Paper Scissors premiere last week and we got some more info.


So, BET’s new hit series is produced by the very talented Princess Banton-Lofton who is responsible for Real Housewives of Atlanta and breaking a multitude of careers in the past few years. Princess’ new project  is centered around Atlanta’s head hair honcho, Ramsey Shepherd and his array of employees or should we say independent contractors at Salon Ramsey.   Ramsey launched his career as Nas’ go-to barber created an urban hair empire which spans 5 locations and houses over 100 employees including hair stylists, nail technicians, barbers and tattoo artists. At the flagship location, Salon Ramsey is the hotspot for Atlanta’s most demanding customers including celebrities, actresses, rappers, and athletes who come through the doors for every kind of service. The show  is organic, hilarious and addictive. The featured cast includes Montana, Chelley, Danni, Donald Perry, Coco, Baby Girl, Inkman, K-Boss and television’s breakout star, Silas the Stylist who commanded all the attention at last week’s successful premiere organized by pr/event specialist April Love.

silas2Blogger, Funk Dineva co-hosted the premiere saying, “Its not easy to pull off shows like this where the cast and story-line actually holds your attention the whole time. Dineva gave props to BET for “finally getting it right with Ink Paper Scissors and hinted that Silas the Stylist may be the star of the show. From his own lingo to his infamous hair (which he says Young Joc stole) to his celebrity styling resume and impeccable sense of style,  Silas the Stylist definitely has what it takes to grab the attention of everyone near and far. This  proud St. Louis native and ATL socialite  has made it a mission to make the world hear what he has to say at all cost and no he doesn’t mind being loud to be heard. His undying persistence is taking him where he desires at light speed.  He says “you can’t spell Hustle without the STL.   am a hard worker I will outwork and outhustle everybody.  ve had to struggle throughout my  life and Im gong to take advantage of every good opportunity presented to me.  I’m the missing ingredient in the game, they call me Salt and sometimes Juice cause I got the juice and I add flavor to the industry.  The game needs me.”

Silas makes it clear that he has no time to waste. He’s a  multi talented jack of all trades and has the recipe that the hair game and  music has been missing all along.  Yes, the funny television personality is  skilled in all aspects of entertainment and actually studied his craft in college at Nelly’s E.I institute,  The rapping, acting singing,song writing  phenomenon  has the tools that every musician needs to be successful.  He even knows how to record and engineer. Inspired by the likes of Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Silas  describes his style as original classic with the perfect edge.  When he’s not at Salon Ramsey, Silas is working on his music.

“When you’re from where I’m from you cant just half way do things or depend on one income and one career.  The expectations are high on St. Louis you have no choice ut to make it or drown. I want to be the person who shows young people they can be somebody if they try,  You can expect me to give you a ton of laughs but I’m also someone whose experienced a lot of pain and struggle so I want people to learn from how  turned struggle to success. My Pynk motto is Be you no one can do it better.When it comes to chasing your dreams my best advice is just that Chase the hell out of them, chase them until you are wore out tired and can’t go anymore and keep going trust me you will catch them and I’m a living witness

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