Why You Need To Love Your Ex Again

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We’ve all been there before.  In love and bliss and all of a sudden it comes crashing to a hurtful end.  Now you are alone, bitter and filled with heartache.  The very thought of seeing or hearing your ex’s name makes you cringe. You say you wish them the best, but secretly deep down inside you want them to hurt just as much as they hurt you.  Even your friends are tired of hearing the same stories of how he/she did you wrong.  

If this is you and you’re still angry it’s because you haven’t fully dealt with your emotions or reached acceptance of your past. Get your happiness back by taking responsibility for your feelings, rather than avoiding and making others responsible for them.  You can control how you feel and blaming your ex for your unhappiness is giving them control over your life.  It is not their fault you’re still unhappy,  it’s yours.  Regain peace in your life again by finally forgiving and loving those who wronged you.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to love your ex again.

  • Carrying around old hurt doesn’t help you in your quest to becoming a better person let alone finding new love. Holding on to the past can be the very reason you are not tapping into what God has for you. Start your process by speaking positive affirmations or connecting with your spiritual side by finding healing through God.  Understand that healing may not happen overnight, but begin the process by training  your brain to think more positive loving thoughts.


  •  Forgive and grow. Forgiveness does not mean condoning bad behavior or letting them back in your life. Forgiveness is not for the benefit of your ex. It is for your own personal growth. Being resentful cause burdens and baggage that weigh you down. Its affects your energy, mentally and physically.  Forgiving helps you to move forward by making peace with what occurred so that you can finally put the past behind you. Remove the dead weight and reclaim your future.


  • You attract what you are.  If you are bitter, angry and hurt you will keep attracting people with the same issues. Holding onto bitterness robs you of love and  joy in your daily life.  Becoming a more loving happier person results in recognizing what new opportunities are waiting for you. Your  positive energy will attracts more positive people and results in your life.  Be great. Attract greatness.


  • You learned that you are capable of loving and receiving love.  Although your next relationship will be better, your past relationship was a great teacher.  Understand that everything we go through in life is a journey of  learning lessons and opportunities for personal growth. Despite the break up, be grateful for the great moments and experiences that made you into a better person.  You now know how you want to be loved, what you will accept,  what you should not accept, how to have healthy communication and how to handle future arguments and issues.


  • Remind yourself of a time you wanted to be forgiven.  We all make mistakes and have hurt others knowingly or unknowingly before.  Nothing is worse than a person consistently telling you how bad you made them feel especially when you didn’t mean to.  We constantly ask God for forgiveness and it would be hypocritical to not forgive people who hurt us.  Realize we all hurt and the best course of action is to forgive and love despite the pain.  
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