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Year Of Yes: 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait To Read Shonda Rhimes’ Book

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“How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person”


Photo Credit: Simon and Schuster

Shonda Rhimes released her new book Year of Yes today (Nov. 10), and we’re super excited to see what her inspirational tale has in store for us. With three hit television shows on prime time TV right now, it’s difficult to imagine when the award-winning producer found the time to write a novel. But we are certainly glad that this talented powerhouse has chosen to share her journey and some of her secrets to success with us.

2015 has been a year of transformation and grind for Shonda. Not only does she look amazing from her 127 lb. weight-loss, but she has an amazing platform and career where she has changed the status quo of black women in American media.

Year of Yes is basically Shonda’s biography, which channels her life as she transitions from a young writer to a famed producer. In a recent interview with NPR, Rhimes talks about how she did not expect to be famous at all, she just wanted to explore the media spectrum and put some work out. With the success of her company ShondaLand, Rhimes has become one of the most known and respected people producing shows on TV right now.

In her new memoir, Year of Yes, Rhimes recalls how she attempted to balance her ambition with her life behind the scenes and how she treated her friends, family and―most importantly―herself. Rhimes explains how she was going through life scared of the possibilities and worried about the option of failing when seeking the unknown. In a personal recollection of memories and experiences, Rhimes discusses how saying “yes” more, propelled her career and brought her to where she is today.

year of yes

Photo Credit: Simon and Schuster

First, we cannot wait for her to explain her inspiration behind her hardcore, powerful protagonists’ Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating in Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, consecutively. The two female characters have completely changed the face of black women on television shows. Not only are they witty, intelligent and passionate, but they are bosses.

Second, Shonda Rhimes is apparently an introvert, which completely explains her genius imagination. She suffers from anxiety and has panic attacks before every major interview. I am interested to know how she deals with her anxiety and if it has gotten better since her 10-year stint of fame.

Third, It’s definitely nice to have a realistic take on the industry and womens’ roles in the industry. We’d like to understand the transparency between her style of writing and why it’s important for her to create female characters who are bold and brilliant. Also, I am curious about her first steps in the industry and the discrimination she may have faced being a black woman.

Forth, I don’t know much about the producing mega star. I am definitely exciting to read the scoop about her family, children and why it’s important for her to work hard in order to support her loved ones. Also, how she balances being a mom and making TV shows that make a spark.

Lastly, We’d like to thoroughly engage in the mind of Miss Rhimes. Not only is she a brilliant producer and director, but she is a genius screenplay writer. Shonda Rhimes is the head writer for all of her work. We’d like to get some insight on how she does it and whether or not she feels pressure to continuously release game-changing projects like Scandal and her other shows.

Watch her latest interview with Ellen below:


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